Polo’d Out Without A Doubt

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The #FollowPolice harassing the #Bawse #RickRoss (Taken with instagram)

I think this is why the Mayans predicted the world will end in 2012 (Taken with instagram)


Illest flip i’ve heard in awhile!!! Let it be known The Big 10 is pretty much runnin’ shit right now.

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Not Like This, Brandon.

I woke up today to the shocking news that Brandon Roy was retiring.

It’s a tough pill to swallow when the heart and soul of the Portland Trailblazers announces we won’t get to see him play ever again.

But he did make his shorter-than-it-should-be career worthwhile.

We saw Brandon win Rookie of the Year. We watched Brandon help revive the Trailblazers franchise. We saw Brandon single-handedly lead the Blazers to a win in Game 4 against Dallas last year.

But today we learned that he won’t be lacing them up any more. I wish it didn’t have to be like this.

Thanks for the memories, B-Roy.

(The video is from a couple of seasons ago. Brandon Roy drives the lane and posterizes Cheikh Samb.)


Tribute to Brandon Roy

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This is from years ago but the beats still kill a lot of producers out right now


The beat session that followed the interview @ the old lab, Sketch. Shout out to Keezy, Dyce, Tona & Quackaz, who were all present. Good times…

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Flag on the pockets… genius


Another look at the A$AP x Black Scale collaboration collection courtesy of the brozay Mega. Coming sooner than you think.

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